Repairing and restoring of old and antique furniture

In the good old days, a cabinet-maker came to many houses, once a year, to examine all the furniture and make repairs as:


Chair repair / loose joints / broken legs

Loose or missing mouldings

Loose escutchions

Fitting drawers

Loose or damaged veneer

French polishing

Cleaning and re-polishing

Reconstruction works

and a lot more…..


Nobody does that anymore – many good and valuable furniture has been placed in a storeroom or an attic with damages like these.

I try, with respect for the old craftsmanship, to restore and maintain the original construction/patina of the furniture by a carefull restoration.

It is not possible to make a list of prices of the various repairs, – however please call or E-mail and I shall come and examine the item and estimate the necessary repair and a guiding price.


Contact information:

Per Post, Bagerstræde 5, 4450 Jyderup, Akselholm

Tlf.: 59 27 82 86

Mobil: 23 34 39 46

Email: moebelrest.post@gmail.com

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